Parkway Landscape Removal


 The Illinois Department of Agriculture has identified the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in the Village of Monee. Infestation of the beetle has been confirmed throughout numerous subdivisions including The Highlands, Country Meadows, and McCorkle. Over 150 Trees have been removed in the last year with many more to follow. Rapid response is a key factor in keeping the tree damage to a minimum therefor trees are being removed without pre-notification to residents, hence the reason for this letter.

 Emerald Ash Borer beetles are ½ “long metallic green beetles which lay eggs in the bark of Ash trees. After hatching, the larvae bore into the trunk of the tree, which disrupts the ability of the tree to convey nutrients, and ultimately results in the death of the tree. EAB infestations have already resulted in the death of over 20 million Ash trees in the United States since being first identified in Michigan in 2002. It is not believed that eradication of the beetle is possible.

 Ash trees represent nearly 25% of the existing population of public trees, and are believed to represent a notable percentage of privately owned trees as well. While eradication of the pest may not be possible, preliminary research indicates that preventative insecticidal treatments may reduce the probability for future infestations. Currently the Illinois Department of Agriculture has approved the use of Tree-Age insecticidal injection (which must be applied by an arborist), and Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Insect Control root drench systemic treatment (which can be applied by a homeowner). Additional information can be found at

 The Village of Monee recognizes that the public and private trees which grace our community are a valuable asset to the Village as a whole, as well as each resident individually. We wish to take this opportunity to notify homeowners so you may share this information with your neighbors and that you may begin to initiate preventative treatment, should you so desire.

 At this time the Village of Monee has a limited tree replacement program in place, although we have developed a new tree ordinance to best fit the community and prevent a future species specific outbreak that results in major losses of trees in the future. There is no need to call Public Works to report dead trees along the parkway as we are currently taking inventory of all trees along municipal owned property.

 We are also asking residents with parkway landscaping around any infected parkway tree to please remove this material as soon as possible, this includes, bricks, stone & rocks. Grinding of stumps can be messy and this type of debris could cause damage to the blades of the equipment and be a hazardous flying projectile when hit by this equipment. The Village assumes no liability for any landscaping left in these areas that comes in contact with the equipment and is subsequently destroyed.

 Please contact Monee Public Works at (708) 534-0205 for further questions.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Dave “DJ” Kruzel

Superintendent of Public Works


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