Advance Auto Parts recruited to Monee

Monee Village Clerk Wayne Haser illustrates growth potential to a retail developer at ICSC.

Monee Village Clerk Wayne Haser illustrates growth potential to retail developer at ICSC.

The story begins when property developer Louis Sanchez (LS Realty) saw the potential in Monee for retail development along Monee-Manhattan Rd. He began building out the 21,000 square foot phase one of Lamel’s Plaza.  This soon inspired the addition of phase two, a separate building with over 8,000 square feet. In order to recruit the right tenant, Mr. Sanchez selected Matanky Realty to do a national search.

In May of 2014, at the RECon Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada,  Mayor Jay Farquhar and Village Clerk Wayne Haser represented Monee in its first visit to the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) annual retail convention.  Among the 5,000 exhibits and 15,000 attendants, the Monee team worked with the representative from Matanky to solidify the prospects of Advance Auto Parts coming to Monee.  It was important for the retailer to see Monee’s commitment to developing a business-friendly, growth-minded environment.  The trip to RECon (the Global Retail Real Estate Convention) has proven to be a success as, just one year later, Advance Auto Parts has opened the doors of its new Monee store.

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