Roadway Improvements 2015

Road Improvement Map
Monee Roadway Bond Improvements by Year_05-04-2015
Resident Road Improvement Letter 2015-2017


 Contractor  Date   Scope of Work w/ Comp. Date, or Est. Comp.
 Work Zone Safety   5/28 Traffic Control set up 
 IPC  6/1  Milling FDR Areas for MT Carmel West of 57-Comp.6/3/15
M&J 6/1  S. Locust Pl. & S.Linden Ave. replaced storm drains 
 Mt Carmel   6/3  FDR west of I57- Comp.6/11/15
  IPC   6/15  Milling FDR Areas
 M&J  6/16  Completed Water Main
 Mt Carmel  6/17  Completed FDR
 Mt Carmel   6/19  Touched up Crown on Ridgeland
 JJ Newell   6/19  Rem 40 foot of Curb on Ridgeland 
 M&J  6/23  Adj. Str on Ridgeland  qty3
 JJ Newell    6/24  Poured Curb & Res. Driveway
 JJ Newell   6/25  Started Rem Curb in Eagle -Comp.7/1/15
 M&J   6/29  Adj. Str. Eagle Sub- Comp. 7/1/15
 JJ Newell    7/1  Rem curb & Walk in FDR Area
 JJ Newell  7/6  Eagle Sub. Pour- Comp.7/6/15
 JJ Newell  7/7  Begin framing & Pour PCC Curb & Walk FDR Area’s
 IPC   7/7  Mill & Base Prep. Eagle Sub.- Comp.7/9/15
 IPC   7/9  Pave Sunset & West Kochel yard -Comp.7/10/15
 IPC   7/10  Patch Margaret, Industrial , Whiting Way (HIP Area’s)
IPC  7/13  Pave Binder in Eagle Fair Sub. -Comp.7/17/15


 Gallagher   7/14  HIP Comp. 7/14/5
IPC  7/14 Stone Shoulder  Ridge . Sunset Bruns Compl.7/15/15
IPC  7/16 IPC Undercuts in Eagle Fair on Eagle
 M&J  7/16  Adj. Water Valves on Eagle
 JJ Newell  7/17  Est Comp. Date 7/16/15 for all PCC R&R
 IPC  7/18  Sat. HMA Pave Industrial & Whiting Way
 Mark -It  7/18  Stripe Sunset
 IPC  7/20  Mill Remaining City Streets Est. Comp.7/22/15
 JJ Newell  7/20  Will Comp.all Curb& Walk , then move to Roosevelt
 M&J   7/20 Adjust Structures on Roosevelt 
JJ Newell 7/23  JJ has completed all R&R
IPC   7/23 Completed Patching in Monee
MJ  7/24 Rem spoils off Linden & Locus  
  IPC   7/27  Start Neighborhood Patch & Pav. 
Mark-IT 7-27 Stripe Industrial and Whiting
  M&J 7/29 Adj Str. in street after IPC Level Binder  
IPC 7/31 Industrial Shoulder Stone


IPC    8/3 Mill Roosevelt
IPC 8/4 Complete Driveways 
IPC  8/5 Patch Roosevelt & Egyptian Trail  
Mark -IT 8/7 Start balance of striping 8/7, Will Comp. Week of 8/10
IPC   8/8 Pave Roosevelt Streets Competed 
 Rosy landscaping       8/12 Start Restoration with curbs and sidewalk gaps back filled, once it cools off they’ll come back out and put sod in

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