2016 Sidewalk Ramp Improvement Plan

2016-02-09_LOCATION MAP (2) Update: Once the sidewalks are completed, sod will be replaced on the corners this coming September. For more information on ADA, visit : Additional Sidewalk repairs : Village Hall Sidewalk 5633 McCorkle; Sidewalk 25619 McCorkle; C&G west side 25609 McCorkle; Sidewall McCorkle/Linden West Cul de Sac Herbert/Ruby; Sidewalk Ruby/Main; Sidewalk 5405 Margaret; Sidewalk Von; C&G at various structures 26002 Middlepoint; Sidewalk 5142 Ribbon Ct. 25615 Violet, both sides 4504 Azalea; C&G at new sidewalk 5042 W. Herbert Ct.; Sidewalk 25943 Ruby; Sidewalk 5157 Park Lane; Sidewalk Linden/Margaret SW; Sidewalk Main/Lynn South; Sidewalk Main/Lynn North;Sidewalk Orchard Trail @ Friendship Park