Mayor Farquhar brings Bizios Fresh Market Grocery Store commitment

The Village of Monee has moved one step closer to landing a grocery store, according to Village of Monee Mayor Jay Farquhar.  Using the market analysis data, Farquhar was able to recruit Tony Bizios, owner of the Bizios Fresh Market in Olympia Fields to bring a grocery store to Monee. Bizios has 40 years of experience in the restaurant business and for the last 10 years, he has owed and operated a 16,000 square foot grocery store in Olympia Fields.

The Bizios Fresh Market in Monee would be a 35,000 square foot grocery store with all the charm of his existing neighborhood store but with twice the selection plus and in-house bakery, coffee/smoothie bar, and catering.  Bizios has a reputation of having great fresh produce (including organic choices), deli, hot foods, fresh gourmet soups, large variety of cheeses (including imported varieties), fresh cut meats, healthy/gluten-free alternatives, wine & beer (including craft beers) and various specialty items.  The Monee location would allow Bizios to carry a much wider variety and selection of groceries.

“We are still working out the details as to the specific site location of the store and timeline to get the store operational,” Bizio said. “But we appreciate the recruiting efforts and diligence of Mayor Farquhar and his staff to work with us on winning our commitment to open a grocery store in Monee.”

Farquhar indicated that one of the site assessment issues has to do with looking beyond the obvious need for a grocery store alone.  There are second, third and even fourth level extensions of retail growth that would work best if able to be placed in proximity to each other.  One of these proximate retail extensions is that of a hardware store / lumber yard that Farquhar has also been recruiting.

Mayor Farquhar and his staff have definitely been changing the landscape.  Monee has a vision for success and is uncompromising in pursuing it.

Farquhar said, “In addition to providing a service we have wanted in Monee for many years, this store will create numerous job opportunities. The future is certainly bright for the Village of Monee.”

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