Government Transparency

Under the cooperative leadership of Mayor Farquhar, the village board and staff, steps have been taken to keep the public better aware of the operations of the village.  Policies have been implemented to limit and provide better accountability on all spending.  A new web site was implemented which includes better access to the board packets.  The online board packets now typically include not just the agenda but also draft copies of the ordinances along with the full accounts payable warrant list which enable citizens to review every expenditure.


www-PublicNoticeIllinois-comUpon review of the state law effective 12/31/12 pertaining to legal notices, the village board has decided to primarily post legal notices in the Country Market which has the highest circulation within our village (7 times more than any other newspapers).  They were also able to meet our need to provide timely publication of our legal notices.  Additionally, the state now has a web site where individuals may research and review all legal notices.  Selecting the “Advanced Search” option you can now select “Monee” and find not only notices posted by the village but other jurisdictions that effect our property owners.


In the future we hope to provide the public with information pertaining to FOIA requests. We believe the taxpayers have a right to know how much effort and resources we expend in keeping with our goal of transparency and accountability.