Public Works


David Kruzel

Public Works Superintendent

The Village of Monee Public Works Department is responsible for the management & maintenance of the Village’s roads & bridges. This includes routinely plowing, salting, patching, sweeping, repairing, signing and managing the Village roads & bridges to protect the public and maintain an efficient transportation infrastructure for the Village’s residents and businesses.

The Public Works Department also maintains the Village’s retention/detention ponds, parks, wetlands, forestry and other various infrastructure projects and public property along with performing storm clean-up, mosquito control, streetlight maintenance and managing village parkway trees.

To contact the Public Works Department call 708-534-0205.



Winter Tips

The winter snow can offer ample opportunities for recreational activities but many of us see it as a tiresome chore that rarely comes at a convenient time. This further complicated by the village’s commitment to keeping the streets as clear and safe as possible . With a little insight and useful tips you can minimize the frustrations and focus on staying warm (or enjoying the recreational aspects of winter).

The task of cleaning village streets is no easy task and requires strategic coordination in order to:

The village has 9 trucks that are used for plowing and / or dispersing salt. Salt has little positive effect when temperatures fall below 22 degrees. A beet juice additive is occasionally used for spot treatment in slightly lower temperatures. A negative consequence of salting in colder temperatures and/ or blowing snow is that it causes snow to stick to the road surface and then making matters worse by icing over.

We will do everything we can to keep our village streets efficiently accessible. Here are some tips so that our residents can partner with us on our endeavor to be responsible stewards of your exceptions.

When clearing your driveway:

Avoid walking on the streets. With the snowy conditions , vehicles and especially plows have inherently limited visibility and pedestrians in the street are just encouraging needless hazards.

Freezing Water Lines
To protect your water lines from freezing:

 Hydrant Flushing

A common side effect of this procedure is rusty water for a short time following the flushing. Run your cold water tap until water is clear. It is advisable not to do laundry on these days.

Choosing a Plumber

The Village cannot recommend plumbers, but we do provide helpful tips for hiring and working with plumbers. For a list of plumber in the Monee Area, visit our business directory.

Cloudy Tap Water

Commonly in the winter, people notice that drinking water appears cloudy. Milky water, also commonly described as cloudy, hazy, soapy, or foamy, is almost always caused by air in the water.

Sewer Back-up Information

Residents should notify the Village, before calling a plumber, anytime they experience a sewer back up.

Storm Water
Drainage problems and standing water on public property should be reported to the Village’s Department of Public Works at 708-534-0205.