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News Updates
The Mayor and Trustees are committed to improving the quality of living and economic potential in Monee. Here are some of the projects our village leaders have been working on:

Cell Phone Ordinance (Spring 2010)
The Village has passed a new cell phone ordinance effective immediately. Hands free cell phone use only in the corporate limits of the Village. Violators are subject to fines.

Hamilton & Cleveland Avenue Realignment (fall 2009)
The Village, Engineers and IDOT are working to align Hamilton Street to the north of Monee-Manhattan and with Cleveland Avenue to the south of Monee-Manhattan. This connection will offer a stop light to help ease the traffic flow heading in and out to I-57.

Will-Center Road (north of school)
The section of road north of the new Monee Elementary Grade School is owned by the Village of University Park. Trustee Dave Stockton has done some research to find out that University Park has set aside monies to fix the pot hole gravel section of roadway north of the School. They are currently waiting on the approval from the Pipeline Company that runs under that section of roadway.

IL Route 50 (spring 2009)
The purpose of the project is to resurface Illinois Route 50 from Pauling Road to North Peotone Road. The project is scheduled to be completed August 2009.


Web Site Development (spring 2009)
The Village website goal is to provide a wealth of useful information to residents, businesses and visitors.

The success of any organization can be tied to its ability to communicate effectively — having a well designed web site is a fundamental part of helping others understand and participate in our potential.


Park Community Building (fall 2008)
This new building has been the joint efforts of our Village Board and FBI Buildings. This building will have a community room for Sports meetings, Family reunions, Showers, Birthday parties, Weight Watchers meetings, Classes and many more gatherings. It will have a fully functional kitchen, bathrooms and storage.

Village Sign (summer 2008)
The new Electronic sign was a vision of then Trustee Dan Tovo. It allows so much more information to be put out at one time. This sign is for Village information and used for the Armed Forces, such as when someone is deployed to combat or allowed to return to there loved ones. The Village of Monee supports all who give themselves and there families up for the Armed Forces. We salute you.

Recycling Totes (summer 2008)
In order for Monee and its residents to more effectively participate in environmentally friendly activities, we have adopted the use of recycling totes. These totes are picked up every other week and should only contain items identified as recyclable.

Recycle totes are treated with similar regard as regular trash cans in that they need to be stowed out of sight from the street (behind a fence, wall or inside your garage) and can be at the street no earlier than 7pm the night before through 7pm the night of garbage pickup. Additionally, the totes need to face the street for proper pickup as indicated on the lid.

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