2020 Flushing Schedule

Please keep in mind that the schedule below is an estimate, and exact dates and times are subject to change as conditions warrant.

Monday 4/20/2020 Area bordered by the IC tracks to the west, Main St. to the north, Eastgate Ave. to the east, and Mill St. to the south. - COMPLETED
Tuesday 4/21/2020 Walkers Grove Subdivision - COMPLETED
Wednesday 4/22/2020 Monee Fairgrounds Subdivision - COMPLETED
Thursday 4/23/2020 Area bordered by Main St. to the north, Ruby St. to the west, Margaret St. to the south, Will-Center Rd. to the east. - COMPLETED
Friday 4/24/2020 Eagle Fair Estates Subdivision - COMPLETED
Monday 4/27/2020 Area bordered by the IC tracks to the west, Court St. to the south, Eastgate Ave. to the east, including Monee Estates Subdivision - COMPLETED
Tuesday 4/28/2020 Golf Vista Estates - COMPLETED
Wednesday 4/29/2020 Golf Vista Estates - COMPLETED
Thursday 4/30/2020 Golf Vista Estates - COMPLETED
Friday 5/1/2020 Monee Elementary School - COMPLETED
Monday 5/4/2020 Country Meadows Subdivision - COMPLETED
Tuesday 5/5/2020 Country Meadows Subdivision - COMPLETED
Wednesday 5/6/2020 Country Meadows Subdivision - COMPLETED
Thursday 5/7/2020 Area bordered by Egyptian Trail on the west, Main St. on the south, IC tracks on the east, Monee-Manhattan Rd. on the north - COMPLETED
Friday 5/8/2020 Area south of Main St., west of IC tracks, including Derby Meadows, and south Governor's Hwy. - COMPLETED
Monday 5/11/2020 Southland Industrial Park - COMPLETED
Tuesday 5/12/2020 Monee Manor, Highlands Subdivision
Wednesday 5/13/2020 Highlands Subdivision
Thursday 5/14/2020 Von Avenue, Sutton Place Townhomes, Monee-Manhattan Road
Friday 5/15/2020 Cleveland Avenue
Monday 5/18/2020 Sunset Drive, BC Development
Tuesday 5/19/2020 Ridgeland Avenue
  1. Public Works

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    Phone: 708-534-8306
    Fax: 708-534-1040
    Emergency: 911

    Monday through Friday
    7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

    To report a concern after hours, contact the Laraway Communications Center at
    (779) 803-5000 
    (708) 672-1564