The Village of Monee Receives a $1.5 Million Grant to Improve its Water Services 

The Village of Monee is pleased to announce the construction of a new 500,000 gallon elevated tank, well, well house, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to improve safety and reliability of the Village’s water distribution system for its residents and businesses.  Construction will be occurring over the next year. The Project was financed by the Drinking Water Loan Program through the State Revolving Fund (SRF) and there is no cost to the homeowner.  The SRF program is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and receives a portion of its money to fund these types of projects from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  SRF programs operate in each state to provide communities the resources necessary to build, maintain, and improve the infrastructure that protects one of our most valuable resources: water.

The Village of Monee Department of Public Works Superintendent DJ Kruzel indicated, “These improvements will serve a vital role to provide improved supply, pressure, fire protection, and redundancy to our water system. They represent the Villages ongoing commitment to better serve the residents of Monee.” 

These new water system improvements will significantly increase water storage for high water demand periods during the summer months and improve water supply for major firefighting events. The new system upgrades will also serve as a backup water supply source, when other wells are out of operation for typical maintenance, as well as provide more control and accurate monitoring of the Village’s elevated tanks, wells, pump stations and metering stations.

The Mayor of Monee James F. Popp says, "These new water distribution system upgrades are a necessary step to ensure efficient water delivery and service to all residences and commercial properties. A community cannot prosper without clean, safe drinking water. This project is an important component of our long-term capital improvement plan." 

Construction is expected to begin in August 2019 and finish in the fall of 2020. The project construction cost will be approximately $3,900,000. Robinson Engineering, Ltd. assisted the Village in securing $1,500,000 of loan forgiveness (grant) funding from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). The remaining cost will be financed with an IEPA low-interest loan to be repaid by the Village over a 20-year period. Robinson Engineering, Ltd. performed the engineering design and will provide construction engineering services. Chicago Bridge and Iron, LLC (CB&I) will be constructing the elevated tank and Gaskill & Walton Construction Company will be constructing the well house and SCADA system.