Understanding Your NEW Utility Bill


Utility billing is a fact of life for everyone.  Electric, gas, cable tv, phone, and even water and sewer bills can sometimes be difficult to understand.  We all have to pay them, often not really knowing exactly what we are paying for.  We hope that by our residents having a better understanding of their water bill will help ease the frustration of writing that check by the due date.

We’ve reconfigured our bi-monthly utility billing to provide more information, and less confusion.  Utility bills are issued on the first day of every odd numbered month, and are due in 30 calendar days.  Typical utility bills have six line items which are:

  • ADMIN F (Administrative Fee) - This fee (currently $0.67) is intended to offset the cost of processing, managing, and mailing utility bills.
  • CAP & M (Capital Improvement and Maintenance Fund) - This fund provides the Village with revenue to maintain and upgrade its infrastructure.  (Currently $16.84 bi-monthly )
  • METER (Meter Reading Fee) – This fee ($0.95) is intended to cover the cost of equipment and manpower to collect meter readings.
  • GARBAGE (Bi-Monthly charge for trash collection) - This is the amount charged to the Village per residence, in accordance with Monee’s contract with Republic Services.  Trash rate is currently $18.59 monthly, or $37.18 per bill.
  • SEWER – This pays for treatment of wastewater by Aqua Illinois, and is charged per 1,000 gallons of wastewater discharged.  The amount of wastewater discharged is based on the amount of water consumed, as any water that enters the residence comes out in the form of wastewater. Currently, the minimum charge for sewer is $64.97, and includes the first 4,000 gallons, after which sewer is billed at a rate of $7.40 per 1,000 gallons.
  • WATER – This charge covers the cost for the Village to pump, treat, store, and distribute potable water.  This includes maintenance of equipment, vehicles, and facilities, electricity, fuel, staff salaries, etc.  Every home and business connected to the Village’s drinking water system is equipped with a meter to accurately record the consumption of potable water.  Currently, the minimum charge for water is $19.49, which includes the first 4,000 gallons consumed, after which water is billed at a rate of $4.02 per 1,000 gallons.  

These six items equate to at minimum bi-monthly utility bill of $140.10.

** Please note that the administrative fee, capital improvement, sewer, and water charges are subject to a 5% increase annually, which takes effect on May 1 each year. Trash collection charge increases at a rate of 4% annually, taking effect on July 1 each year.**

Meter readings are collected during the last three days of every even numbered month, which is the end of each billing cycle.  Those readings are then compared to the readings collected at the end of the previous billing cycle, and the difference is the amount of water consumed during that two month period.  You are then billed on the first day of the odd numbered month, for the consumption during the previous billing cycle.

Further questions regarding water billing can be directed to the Monee Public Works Department at 708-534-8306.  

For information on how to read and interpret your water meter, click here.