Janski Designs

Janski Designs is a specialty retail business selling rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals, and handmade jewelry.

Owners Jan & Elizabeth Podbielski have displayed their award-winning jewelry at art fairs and at rock, gem, and mineral shows across the Midwest.

Jan’s rocks feature over 80 varieties of hand-cut gemstones from across the world, set in hand wrought sterling silver settings of their own design. Janski Designs cut their own gems in cabochon form (polished but not faceted)— anything from agate to zircon. 

Their one-of-a-kind gem collection is located at 25829 S Oak Rd, Monee IL, open Wednesday through Saturday.

Contact Jan:

708-625-5876     Instagram: @JansRocks

Facebook: JanskiDesigns     Etsy: JanskiDesigns

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Janski Designs