Fun Activities

Fun things to do at Fall Fest!

Fall Fest has a vast variety of fun activities to do each day! 

  • Bingo Night is on Friday, Sept. 8th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm under the senior tent.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge is on Saturday, Sept.9th starting at 4:00pm under the senior tent.

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  • Pong Tournament is Saturday, Sept. 9th at 12:00pm under the Senior tent.

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  • Police K9 Demonstration is Saturday, Sept. 9th at 5:00pm at the Football Field. 

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  • Community Food Collection under the Big tent from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

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  • Nerf Wars, bring your own nerf guns! Sept.10th starting at 12:00pm at the Football Field.

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  • Batz Boards Bags Tournament is on Sept.10th and registration starts at 11:30am in the Football Field 

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