Water and Sewer

The Public Works Department’s Water and Sewer Division is responsible for maintaining the potable water supply to Monee’s residents and businesses, as well as maintaining the wastewater collection (sewage) system.  The Division employs three full time Public Water Supply Operators licensed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  With their 31 years of combined experience, the operators are tasked with maintaining:

  • Two groundwater wells capable of providing nearly two million gallons of water daily
  • Two elevated storage tanks with a total capacity of 550,000 gallons
  • A water distribution network comprised of nearly 37 miles of water main
  • 506 fire hyrdants
  • 2,000 service connections, serving 5,200 residents and businesses
  • 23 miles of sewer main
  • Four wastewater lift stations
  • One storm water pump station

The Water and Sewer Division is also responsible for maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations regarding water and wastewater, as well as collecting and processing meter readings and water billing.