Public Works

The Village of Monee's Public Works Department takes pride in serving your daily living needs. The Department diligently manages a variety of areas which are vital to having a clean, safe and thriving community.

About the Department

The Public Works Department consists of six divisions: 

  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Public Facilities Maintenance
  • Storm Sewer and Pond Maintenance
  • Public Health
  • Road and Bridge
  • Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewer


There are 7 full‐time employees who implement, deliver, operate and maintain the Village's infrastructure systems. Road and Bridge services include routinely plowing, salting, patching, sweeping, repairing, signing and managing the Village roads and bridges to protect the public and maintain an efficient transportation infrastructure for the Village's residents and businesses. 

The Public Works Department also maintains the Village's retention/detention ponds, parks, wetlands, forestry and other various infrastructure projects and public property along with performing storm clean-up, mosquito control, streetlight maintenance and managing village parkway trees. 

Additional responsibilities also include the operation and delivery of the Village' drinking water, sewer and storm drain systems.

Other Public Facilities

The Department also has the responsibility to maintain public buildings, parks, public landscaping. Public Works often helps with assisting the Parks and Recreations Department in providing wholesome activities for youth and families.

Benefits for the Community

Maintaining safe public facilities and systems are integral to a livable community which create and deliver an array of educational and cultural programs as part of enriching the quality of life in Monee and strengthening the sense of community. Positive programs and activities combined with well-maintained parks and clean drinking water makes Monee a very desirable community in which to live.