Court Street LAFO Phase 2 Request for Qualifications






SECTION 21-00031-00-RS

December 20, 2021


The Village of Monee invites Statements of Qualifications from Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) pre-qualified engineering firms to assist the Village in completing professional engineering services for Phase III – Construction Engineering, for the Court Street Local Agency Functional Overlay (LAFO) from Eastgate Avenue to Will Center Road.  The Court Street LAFO is being Federally funded with STP funding through the Will County Governmental League.  Therefore, this consultant selection will be in accordance the Qualification Based Selection (QBS) guidelines in the Brooks Act (40 USC 11) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requirements for Procurement, Management, and Administration of Engineering and Design Related Services (23 CFR 172).  



The purpose of the improvement is to resurface Court Street (FAU 1654) from Eastgate Avenue to Will Center Road.  The improvements include asphalt surface removal and resurfacing with binder and surface courses, aggregate shoulder replacement, hot-mix asphalt patches, driveway removal and replacement, restoration, pavement markings, and all incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the project.  The project is planned for an June 17, 2022 letting through the Illinois Department of Transportation with construction scheduled for completion in Summer of 2022.  The programmed construction budget for this improvement is $292,00.00.



Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) will be accepted until 3:00 PM on 1/21/22.  Late submittals will not be considered.  Two (2) hard copies plus one (1) electronic copy of the SOQ shall be submitted to Ruben Bautista at Village Hall (5130 W. Court Street, Monee, IL 60449).  SOQs should be succinct, without generic brochure materials, and should address the following:


  1. Firm Experience and Qualifications:  Include general background of firm, experience and expertise.  Also include the identification, experience and qualifications of subconsultants who will work on the project.
  2. Project Understanding and Approach:  Demonstrate a clear understanding of the scope of services.  Provide a description of the firm’s familiarity with similar projects and the project funding source.  Describe any key elements expected to play a meaningful role in the project.
  3. Past Performance:  Provide a description of similar projects completed by the firm within the last ten (10) years, including client references who can attest to the firm’s performance.  
  4. Project Schedule: Provide a timeline for the services to be provided that will meet project milestones and the expected project completion date.
  5. Resumes:  Attach resumes of key personnel who will work on the project; limited to two pages each.



  1. Firm Experience 25%
  2. Team’s Experience and Qualifications, including Sub-consultants: 20%
  3. Key Personnel Expertise/Past Performance: 20%
  4. Technical Approach to Project: 25%
  5. Local Presence: 10%


Provide a statement that certifies the following:

  • That no Village of Monee elected official, officer, or employee who participates in the procurement, management or administration of engineering services contracts or subcontracts has, directly or indirectly, any financial or other interest in connection with the proposed engineering contracts or subcontracts.
  • That no person or entity performing services for Village of Monee has, directly or indirectly, any financial or other interest in any real property to be acquired for the project.
  • The firm has no suspension and debarment actions as specified in State of Illinois regulation 2 CFR Part 1200 and 2 CFR Part 180.  



Upon receipt of the SOQs, the Village of Monee will evaluate and rank each submittal using the previously detailed Evaluation Criteria.  The Village of Monee will select the three (3) highest ranked firms deemed the most qualified for the project and notify all applicants.  Consultant interviews are not to be performed for this project.  The Village of Monee will then contact the highest-ranked firm to negotiate the scope of services and contract fee.  Should the Village of Monee and highest-ranked firm be unable to reach an agreement regarding the terms of a contract, the Village of Monee may initiate into negotiations with the second ranked consultant, and so on until an agreement is reached with a qualified firm.


Questions regarding the project and SOQ process should be directed to the Village Administrator via email at or telephone at 708-534-8307.